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Lil' Hooks

October 28, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm
2018 Lil' Hooks Junior Golf Program
Fall Session
September 9th – October 28th
Every Sunday @ 2:00PM 

Week 1: Introduction and Fundamentals of the Golf Swing
Grip, stance, posture and the proper way to swing the club
*Driving Range
Week 2: Putting
Short putts, long putts and everything in between
*Putting Green
Week 3: Chipping and Pitching
Learning how to get it up and down to save par
*Driving Range

Week 4: Sand Traps
Not exactly a beach vacation, but we’ll still have fun!
*Short Game Facility
Week 5: Long Irons/Hybrids
Let’s tune up those swings
*Driving Range
Week 6: Driver
Time to let the Big Dog eat!
*Driving Range
Week 7: Practicing With a Purpose
Practice makes perfect
*Driving Range
Week 8: Time To Play Some Golf!
Let’s get out on the course and see what all we’ve learned
*Golf Course
Cost: $125 per Student
Age: 5-13
*Call 918-746-3760 to reserve your child’s spot